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Top 5 Benefits of Having a Short-Term Personal Loan App on Your Mobile Phone

Simple, instant, paperless, and flexible – these are not merely adjectives but are attributes sought by people when it comes to availing most of the services and short-term loans are no exception.

Applying for personal loans a few years ago was as cumbersome as filling your tax returns. Complying with KYC itself involved so much paperwork and was considered a rather complex task. Over the last three to four years India has witnessed a revolution when it comes to the financing of consumer durable products and short-term personal loans. With high penetration of smartphones and access to the cheapest mobile data, the digitally active population further desires of availing most of the services online, and instant quick loans are no exception.

Fintech companies in India are uniquely positioned to address the needs of this segment with their innovative product offerings. One such fast-emerging product segment is short term loans online. Today, one can avail an instant short-term personal loans at the click of a button in the comfort of your home. Most of the financial institutions and online lending platforms have developed simple, easy, and hassle-free mobile applications for their customers. Having an instant personal loan app on your phone gives one the financial power to avail quick instant loans anytime anywhere.

Here are the top 5 reasons why you should install it today:

1. Financial power

A short term personal loan app acts as your personal financial institution in your pocket. You can easily avail instant money wherever you are. It gives you the power to deal with a financial emergency anytime anywhere. Yes, all you have to do is dig out your mobile phone, choose the amount you require, apply for a quick loan, and get the amount disbursed instantly in your bank account through your mobile phone instantly. It’s that simple.

2. 24×7 Anytime, Anywhere

A personal loan app gives your access to avail of its financial service around the clock. Whether you are stuck somewhere, at home, or at work, you can easily apply for a short term loan anytime anywhere at the click of a button!

Gone are those days where you had to stand in long ques to apply for a personal loan in a financial institution. Now you can apply for it with no physical visits to the branch. Moreover, now with Video KYC feature, you get to experience a seamless & hassle-free customer identification process in the comfort of your home.

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3. Safe & Secure:

When it comes to providing your banking details online, let’s agree that we all have our bit of hesitation at first. However, be assured instant personal loan apps are highly secured, safe, and trustworthy. They work with best in class security systems that help protect your details. RupeeRedee uses the most advanced encryption technologies to ensure that your financial and personal information remains safe.

4. Instant approval and Money Disbursal

The digitally active young population has an affinity towards instant gratification. Online loan apps are quite simple and easy to use. The quick decision system developed with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning has further aided the growth of short-term loans among the millennials. As the average monthly income for a large set of working Indians may not be adequate to meet their planned and unplanned financial expenses in this crucial time, small ticket and flexible digital loans act as the best-suited product for such customer segments.

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5. Keep track of your borrowings

Mobile personal loan apps focus on providing a flawless user experience to the customer. All the necessary information related to your recent borrowings from the app like checking your personal details, your active loan details, your past loan details, repayment date, outstanding amount, etc. are easily accessible on a click of a button. To top it, customers will also receive automated notifications of the payment details and SMS or email reminders to ensure you never miss a payment as it would highly affect your credit score.

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Now that you know why it’s so important to have a short term personal loan app on your mobile, get RupeeRedee personal loan app, a new-age digital lending platform that leverages state-of-the-art technology and data sciences to make lending safe, quick and hassle-free for India’s massive population.

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