How Personal Loan Space Has Evolved Over the Years

The lending space in India has come a long way from lending through traditional financial institutions to digital lending. To accommodate the new technologies to make finance easily accessible to people, they have altered the fine points of the business model. The last few decades have ushered in an incredible array of technological advancements in the Indian lending space.

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Photo: RupeeRedee: Why create a personal budget?

Why create a personal budget?

We all know that how planning your personal budget in advance can keep your life on the right track. With some careful planning and thoughtfulness, we can achieve our goals if we remain persistent. Keeping a track of the income, small and big expenses along with investing to reap a sizeable wealth portfolio can seem difficult altogether

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RupeeRedee Instant small loan in just 5 mins

Instant small loan in just 5 mins

RupeeRedee is a digital platform that helps customers borrow money for their short term needs. It is a new-age financial services platform that leverages technology to make lending quick and easy.

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RupeeRedee How Fintech Has Changed the Personal Loan Process

How Fintech Has Changed the Personal Loan Process

Most of us have experienced the tedious and time-consuming process of applying for personal loans through traditional financial institutions. Today financial services organizations, through the use of advanced technologies are riding the wave of data explosion supported by high penetration of internet and mobile penetration, thereby offering best-in-class products and services.

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How to maintain your credit Score

How to maintain your credit score?

Your credit score shows how well you manage your borrowed funds. A good credit score ranges around 750 and shows that you are responsible with your finances. This gives lenders a reason to view you as a worthy and reliable borrower. Before you apply for any kind of loan, it is extremely important to check your credit score. While most people know the importance of a good credit score, many are not aware of how to maintain that score so that it does not fluctuate in the future. Here are 6 effective habits to follow to maintain your credit score and increase your creditworthiness.

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