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Tips to keep your money safe online

With the rising popularity of internet banking and digital fund transfer, scammers are finding new and innovative ways to trick people and rob their money. From shopping to transferring money to keeping a track of our spending and budget, we tend to share a lot of sensitive information online which in turn makes us an easy target of cyber crimes and identity theft. Nobody wants their accounts hacked, identities stolen or emails spammed, but we unknowingly expose ourselves to the risk because we simply don’t know about the different types of frauds and how to protect ourselves from them.

Let’s learn more about different types of frauds and tips to protect your hard-earned money online:

1.KYC Fraud

In this type of fraud scammers posing as Bank officials or customer care representatives calls you to help you complete your KYC and asks you to download a screen-sharing app. By doing this they dupe customers by gaining remote access. Never download a screen-sharing app as it would give the fraudster to gain access to your account, cards & OTP details easily.

2. Attractive Offer Fraud

In this type of fraud, scammers call you with an attractive offer or price and ask you to share your card details and further OTP number as well. Never share your sensitive information such as card or bank account details and OTP numbers with anyone.

3. Social Engineering Fraud

In this type of fraud, scammers find your social media post about a payment failure for an order you had placed. They call you pretending to be a customer service representative from the same company. Please do not share any information without verifying the caller details and ask them to send you an email from the company’s official email id.

4. Sim Splitting Fraud

In this type of fraud, the scammer would ask you to share a 20 digit code that you would have received to redeem a price. This 20 digit code which would deactivate your current SIM and create a duplicate SIM that they would use to access your bank account & card details.

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