Basic reasons why your personal loan application gets rejected

Did you know that there are so many reasons to get your personal loans rejected? It can be anything from poor credit history to consistent job hopping, multiple applications to unstable income. Lenders are very strict when it comes to lending money to borrowers. So, if you are planning to get personal loans, you must be very careful with the steps to take. For that, learning the reasons behind rejections can work a long way. Once you are sure of the reasons behind your loan rejections, you can keep those points in mind to not become a victim of it.

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Your credit history matters a lot:

When was the last time you ever thought of availing a personal loan? You thought of getting loans but it keeps on getting rejected and you don’t know why. Have you ever thought of checking your credit history? If you haven’t then it might be a good time to check it right now. If you fail to pay the EMIs and existing credit card bills on time that will create a negative mark on your credit history. If you are a defaulted payer, then you might face some challenges lately. For the negative remarks and low credit scores, you can easily get your personal loan application rejected. So, consider checking on the credit history next time you ask for a loan.

Job hopping is not what lenders look for:

When lenders plan to give money to borrowers, they always look for a person with steady income. If the person doesn’t have one, then they might not feel secure to do business with them. Constant job hopping is another reason behind personal loan rejection. What are the reasons for our constant job change? Is it because you cannot adjust to one working environment for long? Then there might be times when you may not even have a single job by your side. How will you repay the money then? Considering these factors usually, lenders prefer not to give a loan to a person with consistent job hopping.

Inadequate amount of money:

Income plays a major role in helping lenders to decide whether borrowers will be able to uphold financial obligations. So, if your income slab isn’t what the lenders are looking for, then they might not approve your personal loans and reject your applications right away. Moreover, while asking for money, be sure to keep your income amount I mind. Depending on that, you can ask for money and avoid rejection.


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